How to locate a placer deposit

Author: NICOLE MCCLEAF /Tuesday, July 22, 2014/Categories: Best of the Buzzard , How-To's

Gold is recoverable from placer deposits chiefly due to two properties: its high density and its inability to join with other meals in chemical combinations. Because of its high density, gold settles out of flowing water and naturally finds its way into the deepest crevices available to it. Because it doesn’t oxidize like iron, silver or other metals, once trapped in such deposits it stays there until liberated by the gold seeker.
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Cindy, I have been in touch with the BLM employee in charge of the new NCIP (northwest California integrated management plan) that will prioritize how the BLM manages their areas for the next 15 years. We have a chance to send our comments regarding how this plan is formulated. The public meetings ended last January. Most of the public comments were registered by trail and mountain biking groups. I did not find anything from the prospecting community. I mentioned to the guy in charge Dave Fuller. that when the trails are put in most of the roads are then closed. Many of the miners are elderly and not able to walk long distances carrying their equipment and are there by prevented form using the public areas for their chosen usage. David said that specific comments like this go a long ways to formulating the plan. They received 1500 identical comments in a form letter earlier and this is not the kind of input that they are looking for. I would like to suggest that people go to their site at  and review the plan documents. They then can send comments to David Fuller at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Please forward this to as many interested people as you can be they prospectors, hunters fishermen or any other outdoor users.


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